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About EyeWay Signs

Eyeway Signs was formed in 2008 specialising in dementia friendly signage for care homes, with a limited number of graphics and colourways available. Over the last 6 years the range has evolved and developed into the aptly named Perception range to a point where we can confidently state that we have a sign and graphic available for every need within the dementia care sector including care, residential, nursing, hospital, day and sheltered homes, however if there is something which falls outside of our portfolio please contact us and we will endeavour to produce it for you and incorporate it into our range.

We have expanded our ranges over this period to incorporate general care home signage, information boards, communication boards and the recently launched Widgit collaboration and there’s a few more in the pipeline, so it’s worth having a look at the site on a regular basis.

We, unlike the rest of the industry, produce our signs and boards using high quality non-reflective and UV stable acrylic (some suppliers use foam board or adhesive vinyl, which can easily be picked at by dementia residents and visitors, looking untidy and shabby in a short period of time) and have the facility to produce tactile wording and in some cases tactile graphics which are preferred by people living with dementia, braille legends are available if required. We guarantee our signs for a minimum of 5 years but are confident they will still look as fresh on your walls in 10 year’s time.